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Compression Shorts with Phone Pockets – Definitive Guide


Figure 1: Compression Shorts with Phone Pockets (Image SRC: Google)



Compression shorts are quite popular amongst athletes and cyclists. They were first developed in 1874 as a jockstrap. Later they evolved to cycling and running compression shorts. 


Compression shorts are used by athletes, cyclists, gymnasts, joggers, etc. Today they are advanced.  You can now do any sports and have your cell phone with you. Your hands are free while you exercise. 


In this definitive guide, we will be looking at what there is to know about compression shorts with phone pockets.  You will have a better understanding of what they are used for and who uses them.  


Definition of Compression Shorts with Phone Pockets


Compression shorts with phone pockets are a better option than the normal workout shorts. They have many advantages and are a must have in your activewear drawer. Science studies have shown that compression shorts are good for workouts. 


Now workouts are done without a hassle of finding a place for your phone. Compression shorts are not just about tight fabrics. Their health benefits are to your advantage. Now they are even more useful.


You might not think so, but they are quite a new trend, and it certainly is a must have. They look like normal compression shorts as the pockets are stretchable. Your phone fits quite snug and will not fall out of the pockets.


They are made for men and women and different lengths and colours are available. Workouts are done without a hassle. No more worrying about forgetting your phone at the gym. 


They shape your figure well and feel soft against your body. They prevent chaffing and sweating is no longer an irritation. 


Compression shorts are used by many athletes. It works great to avoid muscle injuries. It fits quite snugly, but it is breathable. They are meant to fit tight against your skin.


Functions of Compression Shorts with Phone Pockets


Like spandex shorts, compression shorts are made of stretchy material. It forms to your body and produces compression in your butt and thigh areas. There are many benefits to wearing compression shorts. It prevents injury and enhances your athletic performance.


Trending now is the compression shorts with phone pockets. It is quite popular and a great convenience. Exercising is much easier. No need to carry bags or drag your phone around. It is easy to hear or feel your phone while you exercise. 


Some of the important benefits of wearing compression shorts with phone pockets include the following: 


Provide Support 

Need some extra groin support? Compression shorts provide protection to sensitive body parts while you train. They cause less chafing and friction than usual athletic shorts. Many find compression shorts quite comfortable.  


Compression shorts will not ride up when running, squatting, sit ups, stretching or other activities. Wearing loose shorts is not ideal, you are more likely to get muscle injuries. Your movement will also be quite restricted. 


The compression shorts that have pockets for phones are quite convenient. They provide excellent support and your phone fits quite tight in the pockets. It will not fall out while running or doing any other physical activity.


The phone pockets are made for most phones to fit. You can also store keys or bank cards etc. The seams have elastic closure which keeps the pocket closed allowing contents to stay inside.


Enhance Recovery 

Wearing compression shorts during your workout will help to improve performance. Studies show that wearing compression shorts can help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue during and after workouts.


Compression shorts help reduce the risk for strains. It also aids in strain recovery. If you are prone to this type of sports related injuries, then it will be good to invest in one. 


Having sore muscles after training can be brutal. Compression shorts are good to reduce your risk of delayed onset muscle soreness. Wearing compression shorts during heavy exercise reduces this type of soreness.



During workouts, your muscles need oxygen to perform properly. Compression shorts are designed to increase the amount of oxygen that your muscles receive. They are designed to promote blood flow to the muscles. 


Compression shorts improve oxygenation of the muscle tissue. Your athletic performance will be enhanced during exercise.


Types of Compression Shorts with Phone Pockets


Quick Dry Jogging Compression Shorts

These compression shorts are breathable and have a quick dry fabric. It helps wick moisture away from the body during your workout. It has a phone pocket to slip your phone in.


Figure 2: Quick Dry Compression Shorts (Image SRC: Google)


Women Zipper Pocket Compression Shorts  

These compression shorts for women have a zipper pocket to store your phone while you exercise. It is a quick dry material so you will not feel sweaty.


Figure 3: Women Zipper Pocket Compression Shorts (Image SRC: Google)


Neleus Running Compression Shorts 

These compression shorts come with a stretchy waistband fabric. The phone pockets are big enough to accommodate large mobile phones. 


Figure 4: Neleus Men’s Compression Shorts (Image SRC: Neleus)


Double Layer Sports Compression Shorts

These high waist double layer compression shorts are good for all athletic activities. It has a compression short underneath with a phone pocket and a lighter material covering the top. 


Figure 5: Double Layer Sports Compression Shorts (Image SRC: Google)


Base Layer Workout Shorts

These long compression shorts can be used as a base layer under clothes or on its own. The pockets have a flip over cover keeping all contents inside.


Figure 6: Base Layer Workout Shorts (Image SRC: Google)


Best Compression Shorts with Phone Pockets


Here we look at the best compression shorts with phone pockets for men. One of the top manufacturing brands to choose from is a company called Neleus. 


Choosing a compression short can be quite difficult. There are so many different ones to choose from. Wearing a compression short will most definitely improve your athletic performance.


Below we look at the best male and female compression shorts with phone pockets.


Neleus Men’s Compression Shorts

These compression shorts are true to size and comfortable to wear. It blends 85% polyester and 15% spandex. They have one pocket for a large phone. Wide stretch waist and dry fit fabric helps keep you dry and comfortable.


Figure 7: Neleus Men’s Compression Shorts (Image SRC: Neleus)

Womens High Waist Tummy Control

These women’s compression shorts are made of high-quality material to remove moisture from your body. The two pockets are big enough for a large phone. It will help give you a streamlined look. Provides a broad waistline for tummy control.


Figure 8: Womens High Waist Tummy Control (Image SRC: Neleus)


This product can be purchased via the Neleus: Home website.


Different Sizes of Compression Shorts with Phone Pockets


Purchasing the correct size compression shorts is especially important. Your physical measurements determine the size of compression shorts you need to purchase. 


If you are purchasing a compression short for the first time, it is advisable to take exact measurements as not to get the incorrect size. 


To do a correct measurement. Place one end of the measuring tape on the front of your waist just underneath your stomach and above your hips. Wrap the measuring tape around until it meets the beginning.


Make sure it is parallel to the floor, and is fully in contact with your body. It should not be pulled too tight around your body. Read the measurement on the tape and that is the size to compare to the size chart.


Below is an example of a compression short size chart for male and female. Always follow the manufacturer’s size chart. Sizing can differ between manufacturers. 


Figure 9: Mens Compression Short Size Chart Sample (Image SRC: Neleus)


Figure 10: Women Compression Short Size Chart Sample (Image SRC: Neleus)


Be consistent when to use “male and female” or “men or women”


Materials of Compression Shorts with Phone Pockets 


For a comfortable workout experience, your compression shorts should be made of a material that can wick sweat away from the body. It should keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.


The most important thing about any workout material is that it should fit comfortably. Most compression shorts are made up of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. They have a natural soft feel against your skin.


The best compression shorts are a combination of materials that allow your skin to breath, wick away moisture and maintain compression.


Modern compression shorts are made of the following materials:


Nylon is one of the main elements of compression shorts. It has a smooth, silky feel. Nylon is strong, lightweight and does not shrink. It is an easily washable material and increases the comfort of compression shorts.



Cotton comes from the cotton plant. It is used in almost all clothing and compression shorts is no exception. Small percentages of cotton are used with the main materials like nylon and spandex to create a softer feel.



One of the most stretchable materials available is spandex. It is a lightweight synthetic fabric known for its expansive and durable properties. Spandex is never used alone in clothing; it is always paired up with other materials. 


On its own it does not provide much compression. But when combined with nylon it is a strong stretchable fabric.


Construction Needs

The construction needs of compression shorts are based on the perfect materials chosen. They usually fall into four categories:



Stretch fabric can stretch. It is made partially of elastic fibres such as lycra, elastane and spandex. There are different types of stretch material. They are one-way, two-way and four-way. 


One-way means a fabric stretches side to side but will not recover. Two-way means it stretches side to side, but it can recover. Four-way stretch means a fabric stretches and recovers both lengthwise and width.



One of the reasons compression shorts are used for workouts is because they are more comfortable than normal workout clothing. They keep everything in place and protect you from sweating and chafing. 



Some compression shorts are made with several layers. They are made to slide freely over the other layers. There are also additional layers for the phone pockets. They are made to look as if it blends in with the compression short. Your phone can slide in and out and the material will not stretch.


Manufacturing Process of Compression Shorts with Phone Pockets


Different types of yarns are used for example polyester, terylene, or any other type of yarn. For elasticity, spandex is introduced in the fabric structure.

Here are the six steps taken in the manufacturing process.


Yarn covering

The yarns that hold the main principle of the compression material must be prepared before being knitted. Yarn covering will enable the strength-stretch to protect the elastic yarn.


The covering consists of covering elastic yarns and natural fibres. Once covered the yarns must rest for at least two weeks to be able to stabilize.



The compression articles are knitted on a circular machine. Different sizes are achieved on different diameters on the machines. The diameters are changed according to the different sizes needed.


The knitting process is made under operators’ supervision. They oversee the technical and visual controls of the products being made. 


Putting an article together takes several cuttings and sewing operations. These steps are done very precisely. The comfort and solidity of the product will depend on the quality of these operations being done correctly.



The articles are stretched during the knitting process. This will create size differences between two articles. The boarding process will give a stabilized size of the articles. The boarding process is made of two steps.


The knitting relaxation is done before the dyeing process. The knitting’s will be steam ironed or put through a forming machine. The second step is pre-boarding. This is where the articles are prepared for the dyeing process.



A dyeing cycle will last about 5 hours and is done in four steps: washing, dyeing, pre-spinning, and spinning. Each process is carefully controlled. Colours are verified under a normalized light. High aesthetic shades of colour will then be provided.



All articles are put in pairs after the dyeing and boarding processes. The labels are then sewed on and placed in plastic protection. They are then boxed and put into stock. 


Average Pricing for Compression Shorts with Phone Pockets


The average pricing of compression shorts differs, it depends on the quality and brand. Prices range from $18 to $25. 


Below is an idea of what the different prices are for different types of compression shorts with phone pockets:

  • Quick Dry Jogging Compression Shorts $20 – $25
  • Women Zipper Pocket $18 – $22
  • Running Compression Shorts $22 – $24
  • Female High Waist Tummy Control $18 – $20


If you are looking for high-quality and affordable compression shorts with phone pockets for men or women – you will find the best compression shorts at great prices on the Neleus Website.


Trusted Manufacturer of Compression Shorts in China


Compression shorts with phone pockets are designed by numerous manufacturers. One of the trusted companies in China is named Neleus.


Neleus was founded in 2008. They have become one of the well-known sportswear brands.

They are committed to providing the most innovative sporting goods. Competitive prices for their clients. Their activewear is made with the best quality fabrics.


They specialize in sublimation print technology and produce quick dry fabrics. Their fabrics guarantee maximum comfort. Their products are manufactured by advanced equipment with strict procedures. 


They have a professional design team. Aiming to bring innovation and fashion to all their clients.


Below is a YouTube video link demonstrating the compression shorts with phone pockets.

Amazon Men’s Compression Short Review


Maintaining Compression Shorts with Phone Pockets


Daily washing or after every wearing will help to restore and retain elastic properties. It will also remove perspiration, oils, dirt, bacteria, and dead skin that accumulate inside the compression shorts.


The elastic fibres of compression shorts will break down over time with wear. When applying proper care, this will increase the lifespan of the compression shorts. Creams, oils, and lotions can weaken the fibres of the compression shorts and should not be used.


Before putting on the compression shorts, all creams and oils that have been applied should be completely dry.


Frequent washing will not harm the compression shorts if it is done properly.


Machine or Hand Wash

Compression shorts may be machine or hand washed. It depends on the preference of the user. If using a washer then you should place the compression shorts in a laundry bag. This will prevent snagging. Always use the gentle wash cycle and never use hot water.


The water temperature should be cool for dark colours and warm for light coloured items. It is best to have two compression shorts so that the fibres have time to relax and regain their shape before the next workout. This will allow them to last longer.


If hand washing the compression shorts it is best to use cool water when washing and rinsing. Do not over agitate or stretch the compression shorts and never wring them either. 


Rather squeeze out the excess water and roll the garment in a dry towel to remove most of the water.



Harsh detergents will destroy the thin fibres of the compression shorts. Mild soaps or detergents should be used, they should be free of bleach, fabric softeners and other laundry additives. Never use chlorine bleach on spandex as the fibres will be destroyed. 



Compression shorts should always be air-dried. Excessive heat exposure to direct sunlight or direct heat sources should be avoided. The compression short should also be turned inside out.


It is recommended to place a towel on the drying rack before you lay the compression short on it. By hanging the compression shorts directly on the rack, it causes the weight of the water to pull the compression shorts down and cause it to stretch.


In Closing


Compression shorts with phone pockets have made their way into the world of sports. They are convenient when needing to carry a phone while running, etc. Many athletes state that compression shorts with phone pockets make it easier to do workouts.


Investing in compression shorts with phone pockets is a must have and smart investment. With the correct maintenance they will last for many workouts.


We hope this definitive guide to Compression shorts with phone pockets has been helpful. And has answered most of your questions. 


Contact us if you have any questions or just need some more information.