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Compression Tank Top Men – Definitive Guide

Figure 1: Compression Tank Top Men (Image SRC: Google)


Tank tops are quite a popular style between men. It will give you more confidence and make you look better.

If you have ever seen a lady wrestle to put on pantyhose, well guys your turn has come. The best shapewear for men should put up a fight. Some are so tight fitting you would have to climb into them instead of putting them over your head.

In this definitive guide, we will be looking at what you should know about tank tops for men. You will have a better understanding of what you should be looking for.  

Definition of Compression Tank Tops for Men

Compression tank tops fit much better than your standard workout top. True compression tank tops do have a purpose. Science has shown us that there are great benefits to wearing compression tops.

Compression tops are not just a case of tight fabrics. There are specific grades for specific needs. No matter how circumstantial, the benefits of compression tops are not only flaunted. It is greatly accepted by almost everyone in the sport.

There is a wide variety of colours and types of compression tank tops available. They feel silky smooth against your skin and will most definitely make you feel good. Compression tank tops wick sweat away from your body helping you stay cool.

Compression tank tops are used by many athletes to avoid excess muscle movement. They reduce the risk of injury. It should fit tight, yet it should be breathable and comfortable to wear.

Functions of Compression Tank Tops for Men

Life can be very hectic sometimes. So, when you do get time to exercise you would like to make the most of it. Having the right compression tank top will improve your performance.

Wearing compression tank tops is a great benefit to your workout session. By changing your compression wear you will only gain advantages as you exercise. 

Some of the main benefits of wearing compression tank tops include the following:

Provide Support 

Wearing compression tank tops provides better support and stability. The tank tops add support to your muscles while training. This pressure helps with your blood circulation and supports the recovery process.

It is not ideal to wear loose fitting clothing while exercising. Loose fitting clothing is more prone to get in your way while exercising. You are prone to more injuries as your muscles have less support. It will also be uncomfortable as it restricts movement.

One of the main features of compression tank tops is its stretchiness. It will not hold you back. It gives you more comfortable movement while lifting, stretching, or extending. Although compression tank tops are tight it is breathable.

They will help to increase your sport performance; less effort is needed for a workout. Your body naturally heats up while you perform physical activities. Compression tank tops keep the body warm which reduces risk of muscle injury.

Compression tank tops fit tightly around your skin. You can show off the body that you have been working so hard on. Your physique will be highlighted and your torso more pronounced.

Enhance Recovery  

Sore muscles after workouts are quite a nightmare to many athletes. Compression tank tops are designed to increase the amount of oxygen that your muscles need. Oxygen improves blood flow which enhances performance during short-span workouts.

When you wear compression tank tops you help speed up recovery. They reduce muscle fatigue and increase your blood circulation. This will assist in repairing the damaged muscles quicker. Your muscles will benefit from wearing compression tank tops.

The tightness of the compression tank tops will ease the swelling. And reduce inflammation at a quicker rate. Your performance will be better, and workout time will be longer. Compression tank tops will also delay the onset of muscle soreness.

Studies have shown that compression tank tops eliminate muscle soreness and fatigue. This not only happens when you exercise but also lasts till after your workout. You will be able to see your results faster.

Sweat wicking 

Compression tank tops are mostly made of Nylon or Polyester materials. This allows you to dry quicker during and after workouts.

Sweating is a natural part of exercise. Having the correct workout gear will assist in keeping you dry when you need it most. Compression tank tops can lift sweat upwards from the fabric. It can then be brought to the surface of the clothing for evaporation.

Being sweaty while exercising is quite uncomfortable. And makes it difficult to move around. Your sweat will reduce its compression ability when made of cotton. That is why it’s best to use compression tank tops to keep yourself dry when at the gym.

Compression tank tops have sweat wicking features. It reduces chafing, friction, and fewer risks of riding up.

Types of Compression Tank Tops for Men

There are many compression tank tops available for men. Below are five different types of compression tank tops. Check out the youtube link to see more.

Top 10 Compression Tank Tops [Winter 2018 ]: Neleus Men’s 3 Pack Compression Athletic Muscle

Dry Fit 

This compression tank top is breathable and has a quick dry fabric. It helps wick moisture away from the body during your workout. Sleeveless design to make you look fit.

Figure 2: Dry Fit Compression Tank Top (Image SRC: Neleus)

Body Shaper Slimming Compression Tank Top 

This tank top shapes the abdomen and chest. Not only does it support your muscles, but it also makes you look good.

Figure 3: Body Shaper Slimming Compression Tank Top (Image SRC: Google)

Under Base Layer Compression Tank Top 

This compression tank top is suitable for all sports. It is a soft breathable material and sweat dries quickly.

Figure 4: Under Base Layer Compression Tank Top (Image SRC: Google)

Basic Light Compression Tank Top 

This basic light compression tank top enhances muscles and gives a slimming effect. Improves posture by putting shoulders in place.

Figure 5: Basic Light Compression Tank Top (Image SRC: Rounderbum)

Waist Trainer Tank Top 

This tank top has a low-neck design giving more freedom. Relieves back pain by pulling and raising your shoulders in the correct posture.

Figure 6: Waist Trainer Compression Tank Top (Image SRC: Google)

Best Male Compression Tank Top

Here we look at the best compression tank top for men. One of the top manufacturing brands to choose from is a company called Neleus. 

Choosing a compression tank top can be quite difficult. There are so many different ones to choose from. Wearing a compression tank top will most definitely improve your athletic performance.

Below we look at the best male compression tank top.

Dry Fit Compression Tank Top 

This tank top is made of 93% Polyester and 7% Spandex. Perfect for all indoor and outdoor physical activities. Such as running, gym, fitness, yoga, and daily wear.

Figure 7: Dry Fit Compression Tank Top (Image SRC: Neleus)

This tank top has a breathable quick dry fabric that helps wick sweat away from your body. Keeping you dry and it feels soft against your skin. This compression tank top with sleeveless design is to make you look fit inside and outside the gym. Showing your muscles more.

It is compression fitting like a second skin. Supporting your muscles, reducing muscle fatigue and post workout muscle soreness.

This product can be purchased via the Neleus: Home website.

Different Sizes of Compression Tank Tops for Men

If you are purchasing a compression tank top for the first time, make sure to buy one size larger. It will make you feel more comfortable. If you have worn compression tank tops before then it is best to get one size smaller for a tighter fit.

Below is an example of a compression tank top size chart. Always follow the manufacturer’s size chart. Sizing can differ between manufacturers. 

Figure 8: Men Tank Top Size Chart Sample (Image SRC: Google)

Materials of Compression Tank Tops

Different yarns are used for example polyester, terylene, or any other yarn. For elasticity spandex is used for the fabric structure.

Compression tank tops are a mixture of materials. These materials give an equal part of stretch when merged in a certain percentage. Providing compression that moves with you but will not stretch out of shape.

Compression tops would not be as popular as they are today if not for compression material. Most people do not know what compression tops are made of. Or, how these materials influence the fit and firmness of their tank tops. 

Cutting and crafting has a part in the process of making pieces that fit the right compression. But the materials used are basically the heart of a compression top’s effectiveness. 

Synthetic materials have developed tremendously. Its use as clothing has sprung from everyday wear into the world of fitness and sports. 

Modern compression tank tops are made of the following materials:


Nylon is smooth and silky. It plays an important role in the making of compression tops. It does not stretch but it does allow the looseness and tightness of the top. It will not shrink and is lightweight. It is used alone to provide non-stretch panels.


Cotton does not always come to mind when thinking of compression tank tops. Most clothing today is made of cotton fibres. Cotton does not stretch well. It is great to wick moisture away from your body. It is great for lining compression tops.


Spandex provides the stretch in materials. This material can be pulled to five times its stretch without snapping. This makes it perfect for form fitting material such as compression tops.

On its own it does not provide much compression. But when combined with nylon it is a strong stretchable fabric.


This is one of the most innovative materials available. It goes beyond lining a compression top to offering a new compression material. It takes spandex and nylon and wraps it in cotton fibres.

The result is a form that stretches like spandex. Retaining its form like nylon and breathes like cotton. It is one of the most exciting materials used on the market for compression tops.

Construction Needs

The construction needs of a compression top are based on the perfect materials chosen. They usually fall into four categories:


The ability of a garment to stretch properly depends on whether it moves with your body. Also, where it resists movement to help control bulges. Some blends can stretch in every direction. Others are woven in such a way that they can only stretch in certain directions.


Not all compression tops are meant to stretch. Some may provide maximum protection and body shaping control. This is done using a firm panel that does not allow any give. Once the garment is on, this panel is fixed tight with a zipper or hooks for firm flattening.


Many people like the soft feel of nylon spandex while others prefer a softer touch. In addition, compression tops only work when people wear them. So, design incorporates the materials that offer the best compression without feeling uncomfortable.


Some tops are meant to provide additional compression. Multiple layers will be used in a compression panel. In these garments, the materials not only have to work with your body. It also needs to work with other layers of itself without binding or bunching.

To do this, every layer must have an equal amount of stretchiness and slide freely over the other layers.

Manufacturing Process of Compression Tank Tops

Compression tank tops are typically smaller than the body site that needs to be covered. Compression is obtained by the elongation force on the fibres and yarns put together.

Here are the six steps taken in the manufacturing process.

Yarn covering

The covering will consist of covering elastic yarns and natural or synthetic fibres.


Is made under the operator’s supervision. Knitting is done on circular machines.


There are several cutting and sewing of articles which are then put together.


Is done in two steps. First step is steam ironing. Second step is preparing for the dyeing process.


Takes about 5 hours and consists of washing, dyeing, pre-spinning, and spinning.


This is the last step; everything is packed up and wrapped then sealed in boxes for labelling.

Average Pricing for Compression Tank Tops for Men

The average pricing of compression tops differs, it depends on the quality and brand. Prices range from $10 to $28. 

Below is an idea of what the different prices are for different types of compression tank tops.

  • Dry Fit tank tops $18 – $22
  • Waste Trainer tank top $20 – $28
  • Basic Light tank tops $10 – $17
  • Under Base Tank Top $15 – $22

If you are looking for high-quality and affordable compression tank tops for men – you will find the best compression tops at great prices on the Neleus Website.

Trusted Compression Tank Top Manufacturer in China

Compression tank tops are designed by many manufacturers. One of the trusted companies in China is named Neleus.

Neleus was established in 2008. They are one of the well-known sportswear brands.

They are committed to providing the most innovative sporting goods. Competitive prices for their clients. Their activewear is made with the best quality fabrics.

They specialize in sublimation print technology and also produce quick dry fabrics. They guarantee maximum comfort. Their products are manufactured by advanced equipment with strict procedures. 

They have a professional design team. Aiming to bring innovation and fashion to all their customers.

Maintaining Compression Tank Tops

You do not clean compression tank tops just to keep away germs and bacteria. The most important reason is to maintain the quality of the compression top. If you wash them daily, you can maintain the elasticity.

Frequent washing will not damage the material. Improper care is what damages the compression tops. One tough rinse cycle, wrong dryer, or use of incorrect detergents can steal the compression qualities. 

Hand Wash

When you intend to wash by hand, let the tank top soak for a few minutes. Only add a minimum amount of detergent. Gently rub the garment. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Preferably cold water. Remove excess water by squeezing softly.

Machine Wash

If you prefer not to wash by hand you can machine wash it. Place the top in a laundry bag and put on a gentle wash cycle.


It is strongly recommended to dry compression tops naturally. They must be air dried as heat exposure damages elasticity. Turning your top inside out will protect it more.

In Closing

Whatever the reason, investing in a compression tank top is a great start to better performance. It makes you look good, and it is a popular piece for the torso.

There are many advantages to wearing compression tank tops. It allows unwanted muscle injuries and provides support with extreme activities.

Compression tank tops provide freedom of movement. Investing in one is a great investment.

We hope this definitive guide to Compression Tank Tops for men has been helpful. And has answered most of your questions. 

Contact us if you have any questions or if you need more information.